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An app to assist caregivers in scheduling, training & communicating with their aides.


1st place winner of the 2018 Care for Caregiving Hackathon by the Lindsay Institute for Innovations in Caregiving


User Research, Concepting, UI/UX, Branding, Prototyping


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Invision



Utilize technology to help make care management easier and less stressful for primary caregivers. 


Caregivers tend to neglect their own needs in order to take care of other people.

As a result, their lives become imbalanced and they stop taking care of their physical, emotional and mental health.


The current apps and tools on the market are geared towards helping the person needing care and are not as focused on the needs of the caregivers and aides. Hummingbird challenges this by giving back control to the caregivers.


Hummingbird offers primary caregivers a way to easily schedule, train and communicate with their aides in one comprehensive app.



The caregiver can directly input training information about their loved ones into a shared resource library. These resources are accessible to the aides on the "Task List" or the "Train" menu. Aides can use these resources to train themselves as they need to.

This mockup shows how a caregiver would input a new training resource into the shared resource library. It also goes through how to create a new task on the daily task list.


The aide can easily schedule shifts from the app for multiple clients through the Aide Portal. This is also a way for the aide to keep track of the amount of time they are working, which can be important for Medicaid waivers.

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The aides and the caregiver can communicate through the app to stay up-to-date on the person needing care. Progress updates and changes in schedules or appointments can be easily communicated between all people in charge of the person needing care.

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  • Keeping information up-to-date and accurate

  • Communication between aides/assistants and the primary caregiver

  • Training of aides

  • Trust & leaving their loved one alone

  • Caregiver feeling like they have to "do it all"

  • Time consuming to organize all needs of the person they care for

  • No alone time or time to relax

  • No app has all the features they need



For the Hackathon, we were provided with a caregiver named Cheryl. She helped us gain insight about what it's like being a primary caregiver.  Conversations with Cheryl helped us to come to the conclusion that there is a need for a user-friendly, centralized, and modifiable care management system for caregivers.


  •  Caregivers are worried about providing continuity of care when they're gone for an hour or gone forever​.

  • Caregivers need an organized system for training and scheduling aides that is easy to use and easy to update.

  • Caregivers and their aides need to have open communication so that they can be sure their loved one always has the care they need.

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Name Generation_Principles.jpg

Initial names and principles we came up with for the app.

Color Ideas_Word Generation.jpg

Process for finding colors and word association with the colors.


DANIEL HUFFINE, Experience Design

MAHIRA ALI, Biomedical Engineering

MELISSA POE, Experience Design

LINDA ALEXANDER, Biomedical Engineering

SARA TIERNEY, Occupational Therapy

MARIANNE CAPPS, Occupational Therapy

TONY GENTRY, Faculty Advisor

CHERYL SMITH, Assigned Caregiver


Our team after we were awarded the 1st place prize with our coach and our caregiver.