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$39,400 is the average student loan debt for Class of 2017 graduates. That is up six percent from the previous year.

36% of U.S. adults who pursued or completed a postsecondary degree would change their field of study. 

43% of the U.S. workforce is projected to be freelancers by 2020.

AMERICAN TRAVEL HABITS According to Allianz Travel Insurance’s 10th annual (2018) Vacation Confidence Index:

Americans who take all or most of their vacation days to travel report being 20 percent happier with their personal relationships and 56 percent happier with their health and well-being than those who travel with little or none of their vacation time.

96 million people reported having gone more than two years without taking a trip in the 2018 report, compared to about 93 million in 2017.

51% of Americans said they had gone a full year without taking a vacation.

86% of Americans say they have not seen enough of their country.

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